About Chris Agosta

"I learned to sew at my Mother's knee."

    I've been crafting and sewing as long as I can remember.  From making clothes to covering furniture. If a craft exists I want to try it and still love to knit and crochet in addition to sewing and quilting. Some people have a bucket list; I have a quilt bucket list. If only there were more hours in the day.  

    The first quilts I made I quilted on my home machine.  I look back now and can't imagine how I did them all. Clearly there was much patience and a close relationship with my seam ripper (which I don't really mind ripping a seam in order to get it right).

    Although I've only been longarm quilting a relatively short time, I fell in love at first touch of an APQS Lucey longarm machine. It felt like I'd done this my whole life.  I bought one soon after that introduction, converted my garage into my quilting studio and so enjoy sewing in this bright beautiful space!!  I appreciate those who have entrusted me with their precious quilts and memories. I am honored to help complete a quilt that brings meaning to it's creator and recipient alike.  Each is as unique as we are, and each a piece of artistic expression.

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